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The Analog Digital

Joy, pain, love and doubt.  All the feelings and emotions we pass through in this game of life.  The Arcade was the original inspiration that sparked this color study of the button.  A machine created to bring Joy and Excitement. Exploring deeper into the art uncovered deeper truths in other areas. Technological history, the change from Analog to Digital is defined and trailed through a series of transitions. We are now in a age where most of us carry around super computers in their pockets that are completely digital without a button to press aside from the power switch.  There was a time where all digital inputs were done with a press of an actual button or switch. With a tactile sensation when pressed "click".  

Through time many digital inputs have battled the choice of analog/digital vs complete digital i.e. touch screens. During these transition efficiency is often gained but something is lost.  The very essence of the machine goes astray. 

This is where this collection defines its self.  Revealing the physical sensation of an actual button through a blend of colors and shapes.  All that we gain in this digital age, but at what cost?  What is lost? What is missing?  Many of us feel this not just about our technology but the way we communicate with the wold around us.  Embedded in each painting and sculpture are feelings and emotions being to be felt, thoughts to be shared, a laugh to be had. a connection to be made.

Who doesn't like to press a button?

Joy Wall 3.jpg